Undefeated MMA Fighter Jessica Kruger Attributes Fit4Her for Her Success

In the midst of all the high jinks surrounding Daniel Cormier’s iffy weigh-in in the run up to UFC210, I was going through my twitter feed when I happened upon a couple of striking photographs of Jessica Kruger. 

‘ Now that’s what a MMA fighter should look like’  I thought to myself.

A few clicks later I find that not only is Kruger a supremely sculpted Mixed Martial artist but that she is also the top ranked amateur middleweight in the world.
Jessica kindly agreed to a phone interview and when I spoke to her she was heading into the final week of training camp before her next fight on April 21st.

Jessica Kruger came to MMA a mere 3 and a bit years ago. She decided to take a kicking boxing class after the birth of her son Bear.

Originally I did it to lose weight after the birth of my second baby

The near 6 ft blonde’s immediate talent was quickly noticed and she was approached about switching to MMA. Within 4 months of this first kickboxing class Jessica was standing over her opponent, the proud owner of a 36 second knockout in her debut bout. Jessica Kruger was on her way.

The main issue with fighting at Middleweight is the lack of numbers. Indeed Jessica has also fought at welterweight and has won the Steelfist fight company’s welterweight title. She is comfortable fighting at both weights and probably will do so into the future. In managing differing weight classes she says

My nutrition is huge and a key component, we Krugers are just bigger humans

To this end she is grateful for the support of greenlifelabs.com and Fit4Her is the protein she uses in all her training. I think you’ll agree from looking at the photographs the results are stunning.

You can read the full interview on MMA Insider here.