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I developed this for my kids.

I have 4 sons that all played high school football. To gain weight and build muscle they brought home some of many supplement product on the market today. I took the time to research the ingredients that made claims of Mass gains, size and strength.

What I discovered was disturbing. Most of the ingredients are nothing more than fillers, sugars and low grade proteins that are only 20% digestible. The Supplement industry often takes advantage of the uneducated consumer. Often what you find in large chain stores and Supplement shops are low-grade products.

Together with the help of individuals whose background/PHD is in Nutritional science, Gut and immune health, we formulated products with a unique blends of natural ingredients essential for muscle development, energy, endurance and recovery.

ManFeed Pro is made with natural ingredients. It’s a clean product that’s highly digestible.

Because of the success of Manfeed Pro, we decided to formulate a product specifically for women.  We now have Fit4Her.

Fit4Her provides a balanced blend of nutrients, vitamins & minerals proteins, clean carbohydrates, fiber, immune system support, probiotics. Its only 140 calories per serving and more important tastes great.

Our products are now used by athletes in high school, college and the highest levels in professional sports.  Manfeed Pro is NCAA compliant.

Paul L Kruger



"As a nationally-ranked figure competitor, coach to hundreds of everyday gym-goers as well as athletes and bodybuilders, stumbling across the Fit-4-Her and ManFeed products was a dream come true! In my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, I address the need for us to come back to real foods to meet our goals. These nutraceutical products are some of the best I have ever found in meeting the energy, nutrient, and taste needs that an individual can have.  They blow other proteins and meal replacement shakes out of the water when compared side-by-side! My clients and followers of the PFL love the taste of these products, and enjoy incorporating the shakes into their balanced and strategic meal plans. I personally used this product for 3 months before I ever endorsed it. I still use it day-to-day and am happily proclaiming it is the best nutritional addition to a healthy lifestyle a male, or female, can make!"

Kristy Jo Hunt

The guys at Green Life Labs are awesome.  We have been trying to get our team on some kind of supplement plan for the past few years.  Our only problem was we weren't getting the results that we were promised. I was getting tried of wasting money on stuff that was promised to be the best.  ManFeed Pro is the real deal.  I was looking for something that would put good weight on our guys as well as make them stronger. We found that and more. Our team has seen tremendous jumps and gains in everything they have done.  I couldn't be more happier for our results with ManFeed Pro and would recommend it to another who asked. 

Evan Napier, Head Football Coach, Clay County High School

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